Truck driver comes to the rescue bullied boy

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Glasgow is another hero richer. A truck driver did not hesitate when he saw a boy was beaten by three bullies. The 29-year-old man jumped out of his truck and ran toward it.


Scottish Sean Swan saw a boy held in a stranglehold by number one bully bully while two hit him. The third perpetrator then made a frantic attempt to steal the bicycle of the victim.

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"The young boy was held from behind while another idiot hit him, he had no opportunity to defend themselves," says Swan to Metro UK . "The third tried to steal his bike. I thought at first that they were joking, but then was beaten, that turned out not to be so. "

Swan can only think about one thing: what if this would be his son? "I hope that an older person would help him whatsoever." So he did not hesitate and he sprints towards him.There is no time to call the police.


Is featured in a video from security cameras how Sean pulls off one of the bullies of the bike while he attacks the second to rail. "While I was trying to take away the one guy, another villain threw the victims around like a rag doll." So Swan screams that should remain off the bully victim.

That does not take the perpetrators to thank him off, and they begin to threaten him and scolding. "They asked me why I interfered with it. Then I gave them my best Glasgowiaanse big mouth. "


During the struggle collect a number of bystanders, all of which do not bother to call the emergency number. "They should be ashamed of themselves," says the hero about that.Eventually, the bullies give up and Swan takes the victim to his truck. At that time, the friend of the guy back who had run away to get help. A friend of the boy comes not long after to take care of the boy.

Swan has left its data in case he still must testify to the police. "I could not stand there to do nothing. My partner said I was lucky that they had no knife. But then I had done it yet. "

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