Lidl extorted with poisoned products

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The German supermarket chain Lidl has final months extorted last year. The perpetrator demanded 15 million, and threatened to put other poisonous products in stores in Germany, the Netherlands and other countries.


Reported EenVandaag based on correspondence between the blackmailer and the store, the program holds. The company has agreed to pay 4.5 million euros, but because the blackmailer called off the transfer, that amount ultimately paid. German police are still looking for the culprit.


The blackmailer, who calls himself Alfred Neumann, sent an email to Lidl on October 14, 2015, in which he claims the 15 million. He proposes several times a deadline which the amount should be paid, but Lidl is still not in there.

Neumann claims to speak on behalf of a group, and then threatening to put poisoned products on the shelves. Lidl or addresses the requirement of the man: it has announced to pay 4.5 million euros. The store takes pictures of a black backpack with banknotes of 500 euros, and sends it to the blackmailer.


On the day that the amount would be handed over, employees of Lidl steps train. The instructions will be sent via a chat program which anonymous messages. The employees traveling by train through Germany, but the blackmailer blows off the transfer.

Possible Lidl wanted the blackmailer actually do not pay at all, but is cooperating with the police who would monitor the transfer to pick Neumann. Lidl wants to comment on the case.


If the transfer is canceled, the blackmailer is not ready. He sends a new message, in which he demanded back the money. This time he wants to get into the digital currency bitcoin.Lidl breaks contact then, and the blackmailer leaves nothing heard from again.

Police also say nothing about the case.

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