Dutch hooligans stopped by three plainclothes agents

Gepubliceerd op 17 oktober 2016 om 15:46

Dutch hooligans at a football match between the Belgian and Dender Beerschot Wilrijk more disturbing things up.


The hooligans tried to challenge the Belgian fans to fight, but was eventually stopped by just three plainclothes agents who definitely did not let stop by the bigger fighter group owners.

The trio took the agents according to the Facebook page of Beerschot Wilrijk against a group of fifteen boys, but finally managed to "win" the fight. Although there are agents watching remotely to the fight, the three plainclothes agents had to solve it themselves, which gives them a lot of respect.

The movie of the battle has been watched more than 175 thousand times and is overloaded with hundreds of comments and compliments to the plainclothes agents who distribute some punch and the group eventually stop know.

Follow Yahoo! News was the match between Dender and Beerschot Wilrijk be put momentarily stop when wanted to fight the Dutch hooligans. Why the Dutch hooligans were at the Belgian race, is not known.

By Editors Metro News Photo: ERASMUS MC SOPHI

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