Parents gallant Hugo (9) declare

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The families of the nine-year-old boy Hugo from Reeuwijk report the matter to the Public Prosecutor. They want the investigation to be reopened to the boy's death.


Hugo came this summer to life after the Reeuwijkse pee was hit by a propeller of a boat .The prosecution held that it was a fatal accident and a technical problem, but there is doubted by the relatives after statements of seven new witnesses.

'Little boy standing behind the helm'

"The witnesses state that the victim comes first fell overboard and the vessel then stated a number of them at high speed towards the rear dangers. That a little boy was behind the wheel, '' said Sebastien Diekstra, lawyer the relatives. He is doing today with attorney Robert van der Laan declaration on behalf of the bereaved.

According to the research of the OM there was a grown man at the helm, but from the stories of the witnesses that the man on another boat was during the collision. "This brings the conclusion that there has been a fatal accident to allow for discussion and there are more than enough clues to believe that there may be a criminal offense. ''

Technical fault according to the OM cause

Hugo was on August 25 with another family go boating in Reeuwijk. He fell overboard and was then hit by the boat's propeller. In addition, he was seriously injured and later died in hospital. The OM held a week later that a technical fault was the cause of the accident and the driver therefore will not be prosecuted.

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