Undercover as sexual pedo: "The girls were sometimes only five years old '

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Seventeen months went filmmaker Jacco Groen with the Belgian journalist Peter Dupont undercover in the world of child pornography. It led to the largest Filipino police operation in the field of cyber sex ever - and that's all on film.


Their documentary "Boundless abused 'is broadcast tonight at NPO 2 (22:55 am). The search began at the computer in Belgium, says Green. "We're just getting started where the Flemish and Dutch pedophiles also start. I do not exactly tell how we ended up at the child because that brings people might ideas, but it comes down to men on dating sites to find pedophiles."

Girls 5
Eventually did Dupont and green, through which men four months to get an address in the Philippines where they could buy girls in a hotel room. The girls were young, sometimes only five years old, but were forced to have oral sex with men.

"The girls were recruited in the area. Often in a slum, where people have little money. These guys first tell mothers that nobody touches a girl and they only have to do very small things. Then a mother tacks. and girls there all walking around so young, they learn that it is normal to take off your clothes in front of a webcam or to have paid for sex. "

Reciprocate evidence
Once a family has nothing to eat and needs money, it's tempting to let a girl anymore. "It is in the Filipino culture to anyone wanting to return the favor. Those children see that their parents have difficulty making ends meet and yet every effort to give them to eat. So they want to give something back to their parents, they want their help parents. "

"So once they are older, around puberty, they might realize that the porn is not normal, but by remaining in the industry, they can earn money for their parents. This culture holds the track in position."

Credible sexual pedo
Green and Dupont occurred as pedophiles in the Philippines. The greatest danger was that the police would believe they were pedophiles and they would pick. "But for the recruiters had to be credible."

"We tried to play the role of pedophiles who were afraid of getting caught. That was credible because we were themselves really scared and nervous." It was far from fun to play that role, says Green. "When you walk down the street with three or four Filipino children, you are in the eyes of others a dirty pedo. In those moments we felt really looked at."

People arrested
Thanks to the documentary and research that the men did, already arrested several people. "In America, picked up two very heavy hitters, the Philippines five people in a house webcam arrested and another two webcam house. And we have shared six hundred names of people in the child pornography network with 36 countries."

But the real work is yet to come. Many of the names are still on the police station in the Philippines, where too little manpower to tackle child pornography. "There is so much happening that it is open mopping the police with the crane. We can only do something about child pornography when all countries contributing to it."

Hold responsibility
"It is currently still very easy to download child pornography. As long as people download and pay for, the industry remains. Pedophiles should also be addressed in Western countries, not only in the Philippines."

"Otherwise it will only increase the problem. We must protect the children in the Philippines, the Netherlands also has to take his responsibility."

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