Attractive packages of cigarettes will be forbidden

Gepubliceerd op 18 oktober 2016 om 10:00

Packs of cigarettes and rolling tobacco will be from July 1 next year, stripped of all "attractive" elements. Packages with holograms, glints of shiny color or a certain relief may not. That the government decided.


Also, packs of cigarettes and rolling tobacco with references to a specific theme, such as the World Cup or King's, should not longer.

Young smokers
The government writes in a letter that the new packaging requirements are intended to discourage young people to smoke. Hip packs would make it attractive for young people to smoke.

The government requires that the number of young smokers has dropped in recent years. The 16-year-olds, 21 per cent smoked in the past month tobacco, 6 percent of 16 year olds smoke daily.

Matte and smooth
The distinction between various brands is further curtailed. Henceforth may packs of cigarettes and rolling tobacco, but also hookah tobacco and cigarillos, only a matte and smooth finish. It applies to the inside and the outside of the packaging.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs would have put a stop according to the AD for total unbranded packets. There should be thorough examine the legal consequences would have merkenban. Manufacturers complained last year the British government due to unbranded packs, because they suffered thus say much damage.

Fearsome photos
The government decision follows the obligation to provide packets of tobacco frightening images. Which is mandatory from May.

Cigarette packs will soon have major deterrent pictures with only the brand name.

By Editors RTL News: Photo: Reuters

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