Unjustly sentenced Van der Dussen: Netherlands knew of my innocence

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Romano van der Dussen vindt dat de Nederlandse overheid hem in de steek heeft gelaten. Hij zegt dat de staat al een jaar voor zijn veroordeling wist dat hij onschuldig was aan de verkrachting die hem in Spanje twaalf jaar gevangenisstraf opleverde.


Van der Dussen tells Yahoo! News that the Netherlands knew that the semen stains found on the victim and a fingerprint on her purse were not his. "And yet I was sentenced a year later. How is that possible? I expected that the Netherlands I would jump into the breach, because DNA is not only debt but also proves the innocence."

20 million
Van der Dussen demanding 6 million compensation from the Spanish state. He is determined, he says our correspondent in Spain. "What I want is that they ask me harmless. 6 million is nothing. I should have required 20 million."

The Dutchman was 4400 days in seven different prisons. He was acquitted in February after a long legal battle. The Spanish Supreme Court in February destroyed part of the punishment that was Van der Dussen. It was a conviction for sexual assault, for which he was sentenced to a prison sentence of 6.5 years. He had nine years in prison were imposed for an assault and robbery. That punishment stopped, but he had already served. Van der Dussen fights moreover even that conviction.

The Dutchman has always maintained his innocence. He was living in Spain and received his sentence on the basis of witness statements. Research in Britain found that the DNA of the perpetrator corresponds to that of a Briton who is stuck for murder.

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