Kidnapped toddler Insiya is probably in Germany

Gepubliceerd op 18 oktober 2016 om 15:35

The 2-year Insiya Hemani, which was from the Anfield Road kidnapped on September 29 in Water Cool More, probably staying in Germany.


This was reported to the police. The investigation team is investigating the abduction of Hemani does not exclude that they will again be moved on short notice. It is unknown if she travels with her father or with another person.

The detective asks again urgently to look for the girl and record over 112 contact the police if they are seen anywhere.

The girl was on the morning of September 29 by three men forcibly taken from a house in Watergraafsmeer. One of the kidnappers was arrested immediately after he was overpowered by local residents.

A second suspect is a day later arrested when he went with his lawyer at the police station in Amsterdam. Both men are still in custody.

The police assumes that the toddler's father after her abduction.

By Editors AD: Photo: Police Amsterdam

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