Jailer Alphen prosecuted for attempted manslaughter

Gepubliceerd op 18 oktober 2016 om 15:28

A prison employee is prosecuted for attempted murder because he kicked in the prison of Alphen aan den Rijn, a forty detained twice against his face in June 2015.


The same detainee died after being transferred to a solitary cell in confused state, but that is not attributable to the prison staff according to the prosecution.

The prosecution was investigating a total of five people from the Internal Assistance Team (IBT). Only employees who would have handed prosecuted the stairs. The OM incident that happened before the transfer began.

The prison employees have under the OM fully acted in accordance with the applicable procedures during the transfer. The detainee Gouda had on June 7, 2015 twice arson in his cell. When the man was transferred to solitary confinement, he vehemently protested. The detainee was ill in isolation and eventually died in hospital on oxygen deficiency.

CEO Peter Hennephof of DJI announced that he suspended the employee, who would have kicked. Also, it is denied access to the device. The other four remain in office, but do no more for the Internal Assistance Team.

Hennephof gives further establish the Office Security & Integrity command of the facts one more time in a row. According to the director does not supply the information the OM suspected based on the hitherto known him reading. The researchers will look at the actions of the entire IBT team before, during and after the incident. On that basis Hennephof or measures viewing are required.

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