80,000 cash stolen TivoliVredenburg

Gepubliceerd op 18 oktober 2016 om 15:55

TivoliVredenburg has reported earlier this year of misappropriation of cash, this allows the music to know today. It is a sum of 80,000 euros. A suspect was arrested last week.


It is a 40-year employee of Utrecht TivoliVredenburg who had access to the vault of the music. The employee was suspended this morning. Because of the criminal investigation TivoliVredenburg this news could not previously put out. The embezzlement was discovered when preparing the annual figures for 2015.

The employee was arrested on 11 October by the police and was released the same day.He misappropriated the money between January and October last year.

A spokesman for TivoliVredenburg announced that they are very much in shock. ,, We are shocked because of the high price and the fact that it is an employee. ''

The music will do anything to get the money back and says will not get into trouble.

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