Many more 'no' than 'yes' to registrations Donor Week

Gepubliceerd op 18 oktober 2016 om 16:08

During the past Donor Week have reported for the first time more people who do not want to give up their organs or. Reported that the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS). Of the nearly 31 844 new donor registrations completed 5,414 people 'yes' (17 percent) and up to 26 430 (83 percent) no.


The changes also took the negative. There were 6,511 existing registrations turned into a Yes (37 percent) and 11,025 in No (63 percent). Donor Week lasted from 10th to 17th October.

Past two years the ratio was yes / no 86 percent vs. 14 percent, calculated over newcomers and people who brought changes.

New registration
The bill D66 for a new registration system, which the House of Representatives narrowly agreement caused not only joy to many, but also a lot of commotion . It is highly questionable whether the Senate will agree. But it seems that many people already anticipate the new system: in it you have to want to be a donor state by yourself, otherwise you will more or less automatically.

Shortly after the law was adopted, all left nearly 19,000 people capture that their organs available for donation. On the other hand, there are more than a thousand people who are urgently looking for a donor organ. Last year 134 deceased people because they had to wait too long.

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