Policemole Geleen held for liquidation efforts

Gepubliceerd op 18 oktober 2016 om 16:14

A 50-year-old police officer who is suspected of leaking secret information, is now also suspected of two liquidation attempts. This, the Prosecution announced today.


The liquidation attempts took place on December 29, 2014 and March 1, 2016. The prosecution will make no further announcements in the interest of the investigation on the case. According 1Limburg however, in all probability two attempts to rob horse dealer John S. of Stevensweert of life. In this attempt in March S. was injured.

S. had long been the prime suspect in a previous murder case from 2009. Ronald discs Drilling was killed in Schinnen and recovered in pieces. S. was acquitted in 2014 for lack of evidence.

The police officer arrested again be arraigned Thursday.

three tons
The politiemol worked in the gap left Western Mining and sitting since August 25 fixed . His name came up in the murder of Sven Prince in Brunssum, September last year. He would have leaked information about the investigation. Here he would have received three tons of criminals.

The man was acting on information leak not only. A 25-year-old colleague was also considered a suspect. They also would have given confidential information.

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