Social Affairs Inspectorate receives more complaints quarter

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The Inspectorate SZW, formerly the Labour Inspectorate, 3114 times over the past year has investigated abuses in the workplace.

Naamloos-3705-289-15low-1.pngThat is slightly more than in 2014, when 3011 once an investigation was started after a message. More than half of the nearly 8,000 reports were not studied, according to figures bringing out data website Local Focus after an appeal to the WOB. The total number of reports has increased by as much as a quarter.

The Inspectorate Social Affairs has set up in the four major cities most often research.Amsterdam is the leader, with 376 complaints were investigated. Companies in the capital have to answer most often on the observance of the rights of foreign personnel. Rotterdam (204 notifications) were the most inquiries about whether or not properly pay the minimum wage.

Municipal greenhouses

After Eindhoven (69) in fifth place following the municipalities of Westland and Haarlemmermeer. Most of the complaints in the 'greenhouse municipality Westland went over the minimum wage. Haarlemmermeer, where Schiphol is located, went fifteen reports on working conditions. Sixteen reports were about the failure to respect the rights of foreign workers.

In 56 municipalities, including the islands of Vlieland and Schiermonnikoog Plotters Chiel Ling, the Inspectorate SZW this year not set any research.

The Telegraph Editors: Photo: Rene Oudshoorn

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