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Millions of bank customers receive by December 1 BKR registration. The possibility of an overdraft should be required to be reported as of that date at the Credit Registration Office (BKR) in Tiel.

Naamloos-3705-289-13low-1.pngWhen customers of ING fell last week, though a letter on the mat in which the bank mentions the possibility of an overdraft from December if there is a credit, according to the AD. That is also the case if the customer has not overdrawn or stood. In addition to ING go ABN Amro and Rabobank soon approach their clients.

According to ING, it is a "positive record" with the BKR, provided consumers meet their payment obligations and have no arrears.

European directive

Now it's true that loans are recorded from 500 euros with a maturity of three months or longer at the BKR. From December are also loans from 250 euros registered with a maturity of one month. According to the BKR, it is a European directive that small loans to make more visible to lenders.

Budget Nibud Institute supports the new measure, because the registration helps BKR prevent indebtedness. However, people must first be well informed, says Nibud.

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