Judge under fire after mild condemnation rapist

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Only sixty days did one the multiple rapist of a 12-year-old girl in the cell to spend.

Naamloos-3705-289-13low-7.pngAlthough the US public prosecutor had demanded a prison sentence of one hundred years, took the court after the defense of the accused which was enough sixty days in jail (plus another thirty years probation). Moreover, he was seventeen days he had already spent subtracting those two months in prison.


In the small town of Glasgow, Montana where the offender resided, was full of surprise and indignation responded to the low penalty. It is also furious with Judge John C. McKeon. The residents want McKeon, who was judge for 22 years and soon to retire, then punish yourself.

Meanwhile, a petition launched to draw the position of the judge officially in doubt and it has been signed more than 16,000 times, which reports the Daily Mirror. This while themselves no 3,500 people live in the village of Glasgow. Usually this is done when the judge is suspected of a crime, but it can also happen if his behavior is questioned.


Questions are put in the petition in the course of the entire process. "Nobody was there to stand up for the rights of the twelve year old child," as it says. "She gets no eligibility but will have to live with the fear that they can still come against her rapist in her environment." During the trial heard McKeon include family, friends and call a colleague in favor of the rapist.

The lawyer of the perpetrator said during the trial that there were multiple ways to punish anyone for his actions. "He has already lost his job and seventeen days in jail."

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