Pay your health insurance premium, cause problems

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The number of people that care premium is not paid, has decreased. However, the group with 290,000 debtors is still very large. Do not become a defaulter!

According to Minister SchipNaamloos-3705-289-13low-5.pngpers, the number of defaulters fell sharply. What's up with that?

From the Minister's figures show that there were 325,000 defaulters end of 2014. This number decreased by 10 percent in eighteen months to 290,000. That is positive, but there are still a lot.

Previous years, the number of defaulters namely sharply. In 2010, there were 'only' 266 500.Young people are more likely than older defaulter. That's because they often have lower incomes.

Why the change in trend?

Towns work better together with health insurers to accommodate people with large debts in debt. Also, insurance companies since the end of 2015 itself more opportunities to take payment with defaulters. Especially CZ and Silver Cross would make use of it.

There is a good chance that the number of defaulters further declines. Since July 1, you pay a hefty backlog namely not 159 but 128 euros monthly premium. It is now easier to walk in your debt.

What a high health insurance premium, how is that?

You pay six months or more, no premium, then notify your insurer in to the Care Institute Netherlands. Holding monthly amount of 128 euros on your salary or benefits until 1 July was so even 159 euros. That amount is much higher than the health insurance premium you pay normally. You also get no health care benefits more. Which is paid directly to the Care Institute.

You come only from those high premium on health insurance if you sign out again at the Care Institute. Doing it until you have repaid your debt completely, have agreed a payment or admitted to the debt restructuring.

That arrangement is rather acid for people who are in debt. Who do not get into more trouble?

The higher premium is designed to stick to a payment not to increase further. But in practice become defaulters will indeed often even deeper into trouble.

The National Ombudsman recently published a report stating that the defaulters arrangement also is performed badly. "There are calculated wrong amounts, which are later deducted from other amounts. The citizen thus becomes the outline lose, "says the National Ombudsman Reinier van Zutphen.

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