Dissatisfied PvdA members present their own candidate front runner

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A group of disgruntled PvdA inter alia Ridderkerk presents Friday in Rotterdam own candidate, who will make a bid for the leadership in the ruling party. He or she is up against sitting party leader Diederik Samson, Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher and MP Jacques Monasch.


Gerard Bosman (60), chairman of the PvdA Ridderkerk is one of the driving forces behind the movement Left !. ,, We annoy us on the right course that the Labour Party in recent years, under pressure from the VVD's sail. A powerful against noise is needed, because the confidence of the voters has dropped to zero. Here in Ridderkerk (from four to two seats, ed.), We are not wiped out for nothing in the municipal elections of March 2014. ''

Who movement pushes forward, Bosman will not say. ,, And even if it's a he or a she.Everyone will have to be patient. '' Bosman, former States member in the province of Zeeland, shields with "a team of over one hundred active people, from all parts of the country." ,, It's not a one-man operation. ''

Bosman founded two years ago with a colleague from Alphen aan den Rijn, the Left! Movement have on. ,, The PvdA must not let more back to its socialist roots and are held hostage by the neoliberals '' he says. ,, More work, less inequality - these are the themes that we present ourselves and hope to restore the credibility of the Labour Party in the electorate. '

left-wing course

Also Monasch claims to stand for a left-wing course, but Bosman says he has no faith in the outsider. ,, He is spokesman housing also voted with a variety of measures, which have led to higher rents and lower housing for low and middle incomes. Moreover Monasch little positive about Europe, while we believe true that international solidarity does not stop at borders. ''

Bosman has not the Labour Party proposed to turn back, even though he was on the Ridderkerk department website already attracts some time fiercely against Samsoms' half-truths and juggling with numbers. ,, We want to build the party from the bottom again, but welcome cooperation or to the left. ''


Labour MP Duco Hoogland believes Bosman and his men have little chance of success. ,, The sympathetic too, but CCW! can count on little support within the Labour Party, '' said the former councilor from Rotterdam. ,, I think she was not promising, regardless of the candidate who will put them in contention. They are built on the dissatisfaction with the cooperation with the VVD. But I welcome anyone who finds himself for the post of Labour Party leader for the parliamentary elections. ''

MEP Paul Tang did not know this morning in the battle to sign the party leadership. Earlier he said to consider though, lest the "left sound" of the Labour Party would be heard sufficiently. Deventenaar Pelle Oosting told yesterday also make a bid for the party leadership of the party.

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