Half of Europeans are overweight

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Slightly more than half of all people in Europe are overweight. This is evident from figures from the European statistical office Eurostat from 2014.


According to the survey 35.7 percent of the European population is overweight and 15.9 percent obese as seen; that means they have a BMI of over 30.

Most obese people live in Malta, Latvia, Hungary, Estonia and Great Britain. Residents from Romania, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium are the least often obese.

The older, thicker

Last year turned out to average Europeans are getting fatter and the Netherlands as relatively favorable apparent.

Eurostat has further investigated that there is no big difference between men and women.However, older people are obese more often than young people. In Malta, for example, suffers thirty percent of people between 45 and 74 years are obese.

Also, the figures show that low-educated people suffer more from obesity than higher education.

The NIS Editors: Photo: Reuters

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