Rutte pessimistic about Ukraine Issue

Gepubliceerd op 20 oktober 2016 om 16:01

The pessimism of Prime Minister Mark Rutte on a solution to the situation surrounding the association agreement between Ukraine and the EU "only gotten worse." He said Thursday in Brussels before the EU summit.


Since Netherlands spoke out in April in a referendum on the treaty are looking for the government to find a way to do justice to the no-voters. Rutte is in the evening socialize his colleagues and their "informal scan" about the possibilities. "It begins to penetrate," he said, referring to the November 1 deadline set by the House of Representatives. He warned that if there is no solution that "a lot of harm" causes.

There is a solution, said Rutte, but it must be acceptable to all parties. And other Member States and Ukraine do not want to break open the convention.

The Telegraph Editors: Photo: Reuters

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