TBS couple must wait for decision on reunification

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The TBS couple that has demanded in court in Arnhem which it is placed in the same Zeeland clinic, will need a little longer wait for their reunion.

Naamloos-3815low-3.pngThe judge decided that the lawsuit was postponed for another six weeks after the men been staying for years in two widely separated and clinics can barely see each other thereby.

In the weeks until the lawsuit is resumed, see the parties or launching a complaint against the umbrella organization Pump Foundation is an option. The foundation, according to the lawyer tbs'er John (47) acting against the right to a family life enshrined in European law by keeping the two apart. John and his husband Marcel (45) are, according to him no threat to each other or others in the clinic.

However, the lawyer of the Pompe Foundation says that his client feared it was to reunite the partners because John would have misbehaved in the department in New Zealand in the past. The foundation has decided to transfer the tbs'er to the new clinic in Nijmegen, because this is the only place where he can get the proper treatment. The foundation says that in taking the decision has looked more to the care and safety of other residents clinic than to the right to family life.

Until recently, John stayed on the long-stay section of the TBS clinic in Vught and Marcel on the long stay in the Brabant village of Zeeland. This made it difficult to visit each other, because leave is hardly possible for forensic psychiatric patients in their situation.

Now the department in Vught, close the doors, the two hoped to be reunited in New Zealand. John, however, constrained by the Pompe Foundation to move to the new long-stay hospital in Nijmegen. Eight of the sixteen residents at Johns department soon move it to Zeeland, where Marcel is staying. The couple therefore demands that the Judge John also allows you to go to Zeeland.

John and Marcel have not seen each other more since their marriage on 7 December 2015. The two met each other in New Zealand in 2006. From 2011 to 2013 they lived together in the TBS clinic in Vught.

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