Father premature twins moved by hugs

Gepubliceerd op 21 oktober 2016 om 09:46

Newly crowned father Koen Gelderman from Arnhem was the two small cribs that he ordered never use through Bol.com since the twins were born too early months and had to stay in hospital. Although the return date had been exceeded long, the shop took everything back. And that was not all.

Naamloos-3815low-5.pngGelderman ordered the 'Puckababy Sleepers' six months ago. He could not have imagined that his heart thieves would come too early in the world. They had more than four-month stay in the hospital, while the cribs at home remained empty. 

Although the return date was written long ago, the Arnhemmer yet ventured a try at the Internet giant to return the cribs. The shop did eventually not at all difficult and threw back his money.

Yesterday, the doorbell rang. A package was delivered Bol.com that Gelderman had not ordered. Full of curiosity, he opened the box. There were two cute dogs and a lovely card from the staff who had helped the father.

The man uttered on Facebook his praise for the action. ,, What an incredible service and after 4.5 months to have brought into the hospital with our children these actions suddenly worth a lot, "he wrote. It gives him more than 77,000 likes on.

Bol.com thank Koen for its heartwarming message and says happy to be doing well with the twins.

By Editors AD: Photo: Facebook / Koen Gelderman

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