Winner AD Coffee Test: heavenly perfection from Sittard

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Koen and Georgette van Beek from Sittard give the best coffee in the Netherlands. The jury chose their Test Coffee Coffee Mundo winner this year. The couple lifts a corner of the veil on their success: ,, The standard here is perfection. "

Naamloos-3815low-18.pngDuring their honeymoon get Koen (38) and Georgette van Beek (36, a bold call. ,, The AD is visited once, '' the barista says. Koen looks back at that time. ,, The barista was satisfied with he had served. Then it is good. We have put down a standard, which is also observed if we are not there. '' 

The jury report about the coffee Coffee Mundo only find praise: tastes heavenly, exquisite, rich variety of flavors, full and powerful.

Such is fifteen years ago Koen introduced to coffee as he ends up as a seller of compressed air in South America. ,, My love for coffee was born. '' Trials Koen learn in a next job, which he sells flavorings to the food industry. Georgette meanwhile runs as account 50,000 kilometers per year by the Netherlands, "in a large, luxurious and fast cars.But in the evening they sometimes say to each other: ,, Is this what we want with our lives? '

Koen take the first step. Ten years ago he started a coffee trade. ,, As a representative I was forced locks bad coffee drinking. So I focused first on offices. Then the aim to address the dissolving granules for SMEs. ''

Everything falls into place when released a pawn shop on the historic market square in Sittard. An ideal place for an espresso, find Koen and Georgette. Koen: ,, Everyone said we were crazy. An espresso? Sittard? You go before giving up your job? With two young children? But we saw opportunities. ''

On November 10, 2012 Coffee Mundo opens the doors. To go an hour later closed, there is a burst water pipe. But from the second day the espresso is a success, highlighted by a seventh place in the 2014 AD Coffee Test.

Sittard teaches drink coffee and fall from one surprise to another. Koen and Georgette prepare with passion and love just having coffee that matches the lovers in their city and are becoming better known in the region. And at that time the municipality of Sittard decision to go also to enter the march of civilization and the city new allure.

Old buildings are flat and there is a new meeting and knowledge including a University.Koen and Georgette are immediately interested and collaboration resulting in the establishment of a second Coffee Mundo in this project.

The new case is more than three times the size of the case on the market. ,, For what we wanted to put down here, the standard of perfection should be. And that is only if you get in line the whole team. The washing dishes should equally be very aware of the importance of his work as the barista. ''

Thus one of the mottos: "Do not work here, that's your choice. You need it like to work here. " The tasks are strictly divided. Only the baristas are considered behind the machines, for every cup of coffee and the quantity of the cloth with which you clean the steam pipe is never used for anything else.

A cappuccino that does not look good, does not 'by'. Dozens of making small things Coffee Mundo to a case that state. The new facility is tomorrow exactly two months. And then all win Coffee Test. No coincidence.

By Editors AD: Photo: Jacqueline de Haas

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