Dutchman opens in 2018 chip shop in Antarctica

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Penguins, frost, ice and, yes, fresh fries. Visual artist Arjen Boerstra from The Horn opens in the winter of 2018 his own chip shop in Antarctica. His project aims to show contradictory images. The choice for the winter was simple: ,, Then there is the summer, so something less awful. '

Naamloos-3815low-16.pngBoerstra was already several times before in a strange place with his booth. So he baked chips at the point of Terschelling and potato fields between the traktors in. ,, I wonder what you experience in such a strange place. And what if there is still someone comes? "" But it also has something died programs, says the artist. ,, A person should still feel lost on those images. In this case I'm so so. ''

After the project on Terschelling Boerstra said the next was even more extreme. He wanted to Antarctica, joked the artist. ,, That joke was an idea and now I'm two months preparing.Antarctica is of course the most desolate place on earth. I am very curious about that picture. It seems to me like you swallowed up there by the hostile nature. ''

South America
When these preparations do is watch some practical issues. To get to the southernmost continent in the world, Boerstra let his stall to South America shipping. ,, From there I travel by car. It is also a kind of journey through the origins of the potato. '' In order to continue in Antarctica with his booth, the artist has skis mounted underneath.

But he also thinks about how he's going to fry the chips. Because that will definitely happen, says Boerstra. ,, I make sure it's always as complete as possible, so the chips must be tasty.But of course potatoes freeze at 30 degrees below zero, so they must be cut beforehand. "" Baking does the artist in a deep fryer. ,, Normally I use it for gas, so I'm not dependent on electricity. But gas freezes at these temperatures, so I think I should use a diesel burner. ''

Winter 2018
The intention is that the stall in Antarctica in the winter of 2018 state. How long he stays there, Boerstra not know. After this project, he wants his booth drop again in other locations.,, I would once again stand on top of a cliff. I always think of the painting Wanderer above the Sea of Fog by Caspar David Friedrich. It really gives the smallness of man again and that I do in my work. ''

Travel through South America and residence Boerstra in Antarctica made a documentary.Updates on the project can be found on his website .

By Editors AD: Photo: www.antarcticpotatoeater.org

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