Kurds liberate fifteen villages from the clutches of IS

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Iraakse forces snatch ever further towards the northern Iraqi IS stronghold Mosul. Iraqi soldiers and Kurdish peshmerga fighters have been freed fifteen villages around Mosul Islamic State.


The city is now in the hands of terrorist group Islamic State (IS), but surrounded by Iraqi and Kurdish forces. They expect fierce resistance from IS, which has placed countless mines to keep the enemy at bay.

Special forces

On the fourth day of the offensive have special anti-terrorist units joined the Iraqi army in an attempt to accelerate the offensive around Mosul. They approach the city Bart Park, approximately 21 kilometers east of Mosul. The city is in the hands of IS since August 2014.

"With God's will, we will today recapture this city, 'says General Maan al-Saadi of the anti-terrorist units against Associated Press.

The United States, which ARE coordinate the coalition to help to carry out the armed forces by air strikes.

Kurdish forces near Mosul from the north and east. They make this clear the way so that the Iraqi army from entering the city.

The plan is that the special forces eventually take the lead when Mosul itself is attacked. IS will resist fiercely, as is expected. The terrorist group has placed mines around the city and commits suicide to keep the enemy at bay. Netherlands pledged Thursday to allocate one million euros to clear mines in Mosul and the town is recaptured.

Largest military offensive since 2003

On Monday, the Iraqi army opened with Kurdish units of the attack on Mosul, the 'capital' of IS in Iraq. It is the largest military offensive since the US invasion in 2003. In total approaching 25 to 30 thousand fighters, including some Sunni tribal fighters and Shiite militias of popular mobilization, the city was occupied by IS 2014. Expected surgery weeks, maybe even months.

IS fighters attempt suicide car bombings and attacks with mortars to slow the advance of Iraqi troops. Since Tuesday, the terror group Twelve car bombs sent to the front lines of combat, all of which were detonated before they reached their goal, said an officer of the Iraqi army to news agency AP. A few soldiers were killed by attacks with mortars.

By Editors Volkskrant Photo: AFP

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