RTL replaces Piet Zwarte Piet for Chimney

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RTL does Zwarte Piet captivated. From this year there are only helpers to wipe their face in programs of RTL, called Chimney Piet. The name will be replaced by Peter.


RTL reported Monday. The TV station said to have spoken with both supporters and opponents of Zwarte Piet. Also, at a meeting recorded organized by the Cabinet to "Sinterklaas make a feast for all children in the Netherlands." Chimney Piet RTL is the way to fulfill that declaration.


Piet gets black marks on his face as he enters through the chimney. According to RTL, which fits with the story that many people grew up with.

According to the TV station, the changes are similar to previous adaptations of Zwarte Piet.For example, children are no longer included in the bag to Spain, and has also gone the roe. Black Pete would, like the roe, no longer fit into the era, and therefore also the appearance changed.


Among other broadcast by RTL Club of Santa Claus. Last year, RTL said it still saw no reason to change the appearance of Pete. At the time, RTL said that the helpers are in that program "put down as a child heroes", and therefore they could just hold their own appearance.

RTL is not the first TV channel that matches the appearance of Zwarte Piet: last year Nickelodeon already chose non schminkte helpers in the series Towards pakjesavond - St. missing! to play. They did have Zwarte Piet clothing, but were not made up and had no wig.The Sinterklaas News experimented already including Rainbow Petes.

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