Baby with Down's is rejected as a model goes viral

Gepubliceerd op 25 oktober 2016 om 11:33

He has a cheerful smile, beautiful blue eyes and cute cheeks, so did the mother of 15-month-old Asher Nash that he belonged to the camera.


She sent pictures of the gay Asher on to a modeling agency that the boy bone rejected. The reason: Asher would be with Down syndrome do not fit the "image models".

Mother Meagan Nash (27) sent the pictures in the summer to a modeling agency, in hopes that Asher would be chosen as a model for the children's clothing brand OshKosh. When Meagan heard nothing back from the modeling agency, she decided to ask them what the status was at that time. The response of the modeling? An email in which a woman from the desk explained that they did not show the brand image of Asher because they have not specifically asked for a baby with a disability.


Meagan, disappointed and shocked by the blunt answer, thought about it and asked the woman or OshKosh really had specifically asked for a baby without limitation, as she reports to CBS News. When the woman could not agree, Meagan understood there more of anything. "Why would not send pictures?"

Meagan shared her story on Facebook, where she posted a picture of Asher on the Facebook page Changing The Face of Beauty to have direct contact with OshKosh. Her message was picked up by another Facebook page, Kids with Down Syndrome, who shared the photo. Asher went immediately viral and his photo was shared more than 124 thousand times.

"I would like to see OshKosh meet my son and see what we see in him," says Meagan. "I do not want her to use it because of all the fuss that there is now on the internet, I want them to choose him because they appreciate him and how much he can add to their ads."


It seems that the dream of Meagan and Asher might soon be true. OshKosh finally captured snapshots of the happy Asher and has an appointment with him and his mother planned.Meagan hopes it then does not stop here. "People use this type of campaign, let the world see that these people are of value to society, like any other person does," says Meagan.

By Metro News Editorial Photo: Facebook Kids With Down Syndrome

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