Black Piet problem lies with angry adults

Gepubliceerd op 25 oktober 2016 om 13:42

The game is on the wagon: RTL has announced that Black Pete is finally banned.

download-8low1-1.pngThe servant of Sinterklaas even disappear next year all television commercials. 

When the press release was launched yesterday , the digital dynamics arose we could expect: people scolded the media company from cultural traitors and organized with
another boycott. The kids could not just disappear.

The point is: Santa Claus is not going to disappear The entire celebration is just an evolution, as we together no longer imitate the life of our grandparents, but otherwise arrange things with new knowledge and capabilities..

The anger and incomprehension of the proponents of Zwarte Piet are understandable, especially if they never deal with black people have in everyday life, and so meekrijgen none of their grievances. But the classic design of the Sinterklaas is untenable.

Many angry adults suggest that children are the victims of this decision. That is false and incorrect. I have a daughter of eight months. If I Piet her from next year point to make it always wipe the soot had on his face because of his journey through the chimney, they will believe right away. She does not know better.

Kids just want fun in the company of family and friends, preferably with as many gingerbread and gifts. The problem lies mainly in adults. They found that some of them being taken away - a reminder of the past and ancient customs.

I assume this also say goodbye to my own tradition, for both my girlfriend and I celebrated at school Sinterklaas with pitch black Petes. But times have changed, and so are the demographics of our society.

The media and education play a leading role, so it is brave of RTL Netherlands that it took this thankless task, especially since the people wished to relinquish public broadcasting anything about the way they approach this year.

Any major change involves a lot of commotion. But who adulated only the past, do not accept the present.

By Editors AD / Özcan Akyol: Photo: Marco Okhuizen

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