The manifesto of Hugo Borst and Carin Gaemers

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Too many vulnerable older people in nursing homes have structurally the care they so desperately need. Due to lack of attention convicted excess nursing home residents to a monotonous existence. This is a violation of their fundamental rights.

download-8low-1.pngWe know that there are many nursing homes are where it's going to be fine. Therefore, we find it unacceptable that not all health care institutions are obliged to deliver optimum nursing care to our dear elderly. We also see that have good nursing homes effort to bags do not through the soil.

We call on all political parties united to take their responsibility as soon as possible to ensure proper care for all vulnerable elderly in nursing homes. Now and in the future.

1. Stop the politicization of nursing

Eldercare is not a loss but a question of decency. It is not a political issue but a public interest.

2. Determine how much care staff needed to provide complete care

Adjust the budget to that standard. Attention is just as important as safety and care.

3. Handle until the standard has been adopted as a rule of thumb: at least two competent and skilled health care workers on a group of up to eight people

Ask for it as emergency money immediately available. The elderly who are now in nursing homes, can not wait for government and health organizations agree.

4. Stop the profusion of registration

Join in a simple and workable way, only adding to the direct care and as simple as possible justification thereof. Big Data we have the Central Bureau of Statistics.

5. Enter a compulsory ballot for managers and supervisors

Nursing homes where it is going to have involved well motivated drivers. Their way of working it is to be. Each driver and each supervisor should realize what care and must have a functioning moral compass. A driver shows itself every week on the shop floor of a nursing home, a supervisor shall each month.

6. Maximize overhead and reserves: 10% overhead, up to 25% of reserves for each nursing home, for each health institution

Make Money should go to the workplace and not managers, directors and management. It is unnecessary and inappropriate spending public money on image, status and market position of a healthcare organization. Reward care organizations that meet the new standards.

7. Put an end to the culture of fear that prevails in too many healthcare institutions and guarantee a pleasant working environment

Carers and practitioners should have in turn affect their own work. They know best what need their residents.

8. Set a simple standard for retraining

Knowledge of caregivers and nurses must be constantly replenished with new scientific insights, but this should not lead to more bureaucracy and administration.

9. Give carers the opportunity to enforce immediate action when the quality of the care falls short

The existing procedures are too limited and the duration is too long.

10. Give client councils in nursing clear understanding of financial flows and influence when it comes to monitoring the quality of life of nursing home residents

The current proposal for the revision of the Participation Act Client Councils Care Institutions offers insufficient opportunities.


The Ministry of Health, the professional association for nurses and caregivers, care organizations, health insurers and the Health Inspectorate shall as soon as possible stabbing heads together to arrange this. Thereby allowed interests of organizations and political parties do not outweigh the interests of vulnerable older people.

Hugo Borst and Carin Gaemers

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