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Do not keep all shops in the fashion industry itself nicely to the regulations if a customer cancels a purchase. Research by the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) that some stores do not or do not always refund the delivery charge when a customer returned a product.


ACM has five shops imposed fines totaling 590,000 euros, because they violated the rules of cancellation of a purchase. Coolcat and Beaver were the highest fines, because they do not (always) paid back the delivery. This is legally obliged. Both stores have been reimbursed affected customers and sent a voucher.


Reason that customers do not always catch on here, is the reason that five shops received a fine: they put customers insufficiently aware of the rules for canceling a purchase. These are in addition Coolcat and Beaver, Hip to Do, Shoebaloo and Kiesdejuistesportbh.nl.Customers will not know for example that the full purchase price, including delivery costs, must be repaid on time.

"Online stores should respect the rights of consumers as they abandon their purchase within the grace period," said Henk Don, board ACM. "If they do not, they violate basic rules.That is bad for the confidence of consumers online. And for retailers who play by the rules. "


1. The rules in a well-to-find place, such as "return" under the link, standing. The inclusion of this information under the link as 'customer', 'FAQ' or 'general conditions' is not enough.

2. You are entitled to full reimbursement of all costs that you have made to get the order delivered. So the delivery or other additional costs if you cancel the order in its entirety.

3. Articles in the sale and appropriate clothing should be returned to consumers.

4. You after the date of receipt 14 days to return. From the time of cancellation, you must return the purchase within 14 days. The shop, the amount within 14 days to pay after the notice of cancellation.

5. The merchant may only reimburse a voucher if the consumer has given himself or paid with a voucher. This also applies to online purchases on sale.

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