CDA does not shrink after suicide ex-MP and wife

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The CDA is shocked by the self-chosen death of ex-MP Frans Jozef van der Heijden and his wife Connie. But the party remains opposed to assisted suicide, despite the emotional final appeal of the pair.


An ordinary member of parliament was Franz Joseph van der Heijden already never . ,, He was never a discussion in no position and if he liked something, he found something, "recalls a former colleague Hans Hillen himself. ,, And you could well drink a beer with him."

No backbencher so. And that he would change the earthly to the heavenly accompanied by a final clarion call, may in retrospect no surprise, says former group spokesman Jan Schinkelshoek. ,, He liked to tickle. That he succeeded in this case. "

Van der Heijden disease was small circle known, yet few saw coming cda voters that he and his wife were themselves in the life stages . The last self-written obituary of the couple as a fierce indictment of the current euthanasia law. ,, To take along parting is no place in the discussion, "they establish posthumously. ,, The CDA is respectful of this probing, personal statement noted" the CDA reports that further speaks of a sad message.

The cry reverberates today after as the House bends on the report of the committee Schnabel. Did at the request of the government investigation of assisted suicide for people who consider their lives complete. The CDA supports the Commission, which believes that the current euthanasia law is broad enough.

Widen law
The government, however, ignore this advice in the wind and wants to expand the law by people with a death wish which medically not yet unbearable suffering to allow a dignified end. Before that want coalition parties VVD and PvdA introduce dying companions.

CDA leader Sybrand Buma Van der Heijden knew personally. Buma says' not wanting to give political answers to an obituary. His position, however, appears unchanged. ,, The committee Schnabel says, may be more than one thinks within the law. That use of valuable advice, make there. That avoids a discussion about a new law that raises only more questions. ''

Can the argument of Van der Heijden not count on understanding in their own circle? ,, This subject is sensitive, "Schinkelshoek says. ,, But I do not know if this protest causes a stir."Hillen has less doubt. ,, I see the CDA does not come in the forefront of the self-chosen death. "

The shock going through the party, according to Hillen is mainly due to the way the couple died. ,, I feel compassion. He and Connie were in a downward spiral, come in a hopeless discussion. Ah, what have they had a miserable lately. "

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