Ombudsman: 'Nuisance Leidseplein disaster for the city'

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The nuisance in Amsterdam entertainment is so great "that threatens disaster for the town." The government fails seriously. The Amsterdam Ombudsman is sounding the alarm.


Arre Zuurmond, municipal Ombudsman, released last Friday to visit a resident around the Leidseplein. What he experienced was, in his own words, "staggering."

"As if a permanent soccer stadium deflates," he writes in a cry to Amsterdam politics. "The government leaves people out in the cold."

The Amsterdam who Zuurmond stayed all night, do not sleep a wink; shouting, threatening noises, gekots her porch, gepies at her home. The mailbox has she screwed shut as a precaution.
Sometimes they defecate her basement door, which is not so easy, because they must first climb over the fence.

"Cancer Whore '
Dealers have a permanent place in the street, driving taxis standing around picking up illegally customers and honking middle of the night, because they are in the queue at the door. Who says something about a 'whore cancer.

"What I think of as an ombudsman?" Zuurmond writes "heartbreaking for residents, a looming disaster for the city and intolerable fault of the government."

The ombudsman's been a year with this thing working, he said in a statement. "And I see no progress." He receives similar signals from residents in other parts of the city, such as the Red Light District .

Norm Statelessness
This is intolerable nuisance, the absence of government puts people in the cold. In his eyes, there is a mix of problems: lack of enforcement, mass tourism and illegal taxis.

The entire downtown is the problem that diminishes social cohesion, including through tourism. "That the government should address really fundamental," Zuurmond says. He suggests that half of the effectiveness of enforcement stems from social control by citizens: they see something and call the police

As social cohesion declines, as now, also decreases the effectiveness of the police. "It's a jungle to be where the law of the jungle applies, where poor entrepreneurs winning the good and where the public domain is hijacked by a new form of anomie."

Zuurmond find that the inconvenience of lack-faced by politics and government.

Not only municipality
Citizens have the right to maintain, says Zuurmond, which calls for a master plan. "A lot has to happen, fundamental, innovative, vigorously."

This is not just a task for the municipality, but also of the national authorities: Economic Affairs is responsible for the Taxi Act, Social Affairs for monitoring undeclared work and the tax service for illegal income. They may also play a role in the maintenance.

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