Another incident in the Wallen: English tourists on the fist

Gepubliceerd op 26 oktober 2016 om 11:18

A group of English tourists were around 23 pm Tuesday involved in a brawl at the Red Light District. One came from him into the ditch and ran lacerations on.


It is yet another incident in a short time in the red light district.

According to a witness were to make the boys quarreling on the Major Bosshardt Bridge on the Oudezijdsachterburgwal. "Bystanders tried to pull the boys apart. One of them was soaking wet and ran away the Prostitution Museum. Three other boys followed him," said Katie, who works at the canal in a bar.

After several minutes, some guys ran the museum again and fled, said Katie. An employee of the museum, then closed the door.

No declaration
An ambulance and police car appeared a short time later. "An American tourist told me that the boy was taken into the ambulance."

According to police, one of the people in the brawl suffered a number of cuts. "That might come by the fall in the water, but it could also be that he was beaten with a bottle on the head," said a spokesman for police.

This was according to police English tourists who were staying in a hotel. They knew each other well and would therefore do not report to each other.

Earlier this week, police arrested 293 people in the red light district after complaints from the neighborhood.

By the Editors Parool Photo: ANP / Het Parool

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