Amsterdam should not impose fines for illegal rent

Gepubliceerd op 26 oktober 2016 om 11:27

A man who was fined by the municipality of Amsterdam for the rental of three apartments to tourists and there did not agree, on Wednesday the Council of State was right.


The man owns three apartments on the Prins Hendrikkade. He had the property rented to a woman, the apartments in its turn as a hotel under rented to tourists. The owner knew nothing of this.

However, he gave the church a fine of 36,000 euros on his pants because he had the apartments of the municipality removed from the housing stock. " The man is there now come with success against the rifle.

Once he got the illegal subletting air, the man has the lease terminated with the woman. He has never had financial benefit from the sublease.

For the State Council weighs heaviest that the municipality of Amsterdam has not complied with its own policy by fining the man even though he knew nothing. For the board that is sufficient reason to emphasize the fine.

Amsterdam wants the rent of accommodation to tourists, such as through Airbnb, reining, because there is often mention of nuisance. Also houses are arranged much longer rented and then allowed to more people.

By the Editors Parool Photo: Reuters

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