Traffic Officer: probability of detection for traffic bastards need sharply up

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Much more officers on the street have to deal with the traffic, so traffic bastards no longer be spared. It says the new traffic officer Achilles Damen. Earlier this year, research from RTL Neighborhood Facts that the probability of detection for traffic bastards now is almost 0.


Tailgating, calling and driving, drunk driving or for example overtaking right: there are hefty fines, but the chances of being arrested before is smaller than ever .

Not by a speed camera

That is all to do with the lack of priority with the police. The typical vandal violation "can only be seen by officers on the street and fined, and not by a speed camera.

The new traffic officer Achilles Damen said in an interview with the Telegraph that he wants to change those priorities. "The chance to be maintained just have to be much larger than it is today," he says.

Make choices

But whether that will happen is by no means least. Police have but so many agents and should therefore choices, says Damen.

"We are now with the police talking to grow monitoring again. Maybe not to the old level, but more."

The police are much less visible in traffic than before. Especially in recent years it was hard.Between 2010 and 2015, the proportion of standing postures - these are the so fines issued by agents and not by a speed camera - from 10.3 percent to only 3 percent of all vekeersboetes.

By Editors RTL News: Photo: Reuters

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