RTL News publishes evidence: indeed tax deal with Orange

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Prime Minister Rutte says no evidence found for a secret tax deal with Orange.


Still, the deal is indeed closed. RTL Nieuws resurfaced in the National Archives and arrived back at documents showing that the royal family were compensated in the 70s when they had to pay taxes.

Yahoo! News revealed the secret tax deal on October 10. Willem-Alexander continues to benefit from the deal . Today, Prime Minister Rutte wrote to the House that he found no evidence of the compensation, but there is still more research was needed .

The proof is in the documents

Today, RTL Nieuws is part of the document (.pdf) published from the archives showing that prime minister Piet de Jong and Minister Witteveen (Finance) have signed an agreement on April 28, 1970. The king would receive extra now 150,000 guilders. A major reason was that the Orange later no claim could make more in other compensation due to the changes "in the tax sphere.

These agreements were part of a system that eventually was introduced in 1973. All royal cost would now be paid by the state. In contrast, the Orange had to start paying taxes as they previously did not have.

'Adequate control'

In the documents is also the head of state would receive a "source of income" to "the negative effects of the abolition of the tax exemption is collected.

There was "simultaneously with the abolition of the tax exemption be made adequate arrangements of the financial position of the Crown."

Here is normal in Dutch that although the queen from 1973 had to pay tax on private assets, they would be compensated for.

Orange insisted

The Orange have insisted on mitigation. Senior officials of the Ministry of Finance had reservations about this deal. In a memorandum to the Minister of Finance is literally that was allocated to 150,000 guilders because it is the only way to break the deadlock.

In a memorandum to the Prime Minister is also how the 150,000 guilders was stashed. The compensation is not under 'income' but under 'incidentals'. "We came to the conclusion that the amount after the revision of the Constitution (and thus after the expiry of the tax exemption of private income and assets of the queen) could best be added to the non-reimbursable costs that are already in the constitutional payment has been processed. "

Many more documents

Prime Minister Rutte today sent two notes from the 70 to the House. One note of March 18, 1970, the other from March 23rd. In these documents is really no conclusive evidence for the deal. RTL Nieuws has many more documents in hands, where evidence is well able.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte also announced in his letter to the House that needs to be done historical research. "This is really the most remarkable about this case," said Roel Geeraedts political reporter, who has read all of them. "Nobody knows where apparently some of Orange received exactly the charges and on which payments are based."

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