High Pregnant mother helping son with First Aid: 'The blood gushed out'

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Accidents do happen, Daphne van Buyten (35) can tell you all about it. She was pregnant with her third son, when her first aid course really came in handy.


Her sons, aged 5 and 7 years of love romp. "It's stunt pilots. They skating, snowboarding, are fond of speed. They all find very exciting." The mother of three children they did not want it to stop, even though they let oldest not always her hair go to skate with confidence."There ghosts regular horror scenarios through my mind. Then you fantasize about broken bones with the bones stabbing out."

Her son of seven years, Maddox, not the skating but at home would get a nasty accident, Daphne never imagined. "I did not see it coming. My oldest had just had his first atletiekles and came home very excited. In his socks, he showed me what they had learned them all. And when things went wrong."

"The wound was completely open '

Her son 'full speed' was against the metal tip of the table correctly. "He fell to the ground, turned white and began to cry. The blood gushed out." Maddox had a large wound on his forehead. "That wound was completely open."

However, the heavily pregnant mother remained calm under. "I'm quite an emotional person and pregnancy hormones can not help it. But I remained calm under, I never thought of myself." Daphne knew immediately what to do with a first aid course. After they had seen the situation , she knew she had to hold the wound together. "I grabbed my first aid box for connection, a compress sought to cool the wound and held his head steady."

Compliments Doctor

In the hospital turned out to be with injury and she received compliments from the doctor."On the spot said a doctor that we will have done well because the wound was immediately cooled. Thus was the swelling is minimal and they just had to glue the wound. There did not need to be attached. That was quickly done. He only a concussion. "

Daphne is very happy that she has done the course. "It has given me the confidence that it would be okay First aid does not always mean you're doing it right:. But I was not afraid to make mistakes."

Since Daphne is not the only one. Many more parents are choosing to follow a course in first aid. In three years, the number of members of the Red Cross from 9000 in 2013 to 65,000 this year.

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