Justice does not do anything with sex crime in care

Gepubliceerd op 27 oktober 2016 om 11:45

The Public Prosecution blunders with registering people with a medical profession that are convicted of a sex crime.


It was agreed that the Public Prosecutor (OM), the Healthcare Inspectorate gives a signal when it appears that for example, a nurse or a mental health physician in private about the writing has gone and been convicted of a sex offense. This data is intended to prevent sexual abuse in residential institutions.

From a letter of Ministers Schippers (Health) and Van der Steur (Justice) shows that the PPS this did not fix. "The prosecution does not register what profession exerts a suspect," she informed the House.

The Prosecution informed since the summer of 2015, the Inspectorate only once a conviction. But that was because the case officer was so careful to note the action of the sex offender and about to pull the bell.

CDA MP Bruins Slot is appalled. "It's really a shame that this is so. There should be a closed system, so these people can no longer slip through the cracks of the system. "

PVV MP Klever will find the process "bizarre" and PvdA Bouwmeester calls the 'vulnerable'.

The Telegraph Editors: Photo: Reuters

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