Derksen wants to do courses at Sylvana as Zwarte Piet

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Johan Derksen in this section by Decks Inside Football first responded to the letter Sylvana wrote to him. She called the TV analyst racist and sexist, after saying Monday's broadcast of the football talk show that she "proud as a monkey" is now Zwarte Piet disappears at RTL. Derksen needs to make an anti-racism course according to her. ,, If I may as Black Peter, I want it, "he responds.


Presenter Wilfred Genee can not avoid to discuss the topic Sylvana Simons in the category which he makes with Derksen for the app Football Inside. ,, We make live TV, but we prepare for anything, "the mustachioed analyst explains. ,, The issues that come along, all come unexpected. I do have two proverbs mixed up and then stands over the Netherlands on fire. That say, than Mrs. Simons goes straight into the victim. "

Derksen said that he has heard in the corridors that there would be a trial. ,, Well I wait it out. "Genee then confronts him with the statement of Simon that he should follow an anti-racism training. ,, If I as Zwarte Piet should I want to do that, and wipe important person, I'm not going," counters the former editor of Voetbal International.

His apology does not offer Derksen, he says. ,, No, I'm here, do not grovel, because Sylvana wants the victim that she wants to make politics again advantage of the situation.The people of THINK love it. Then they can make a fuss again, and I am not good actually. I have actually no time kept working on it and there is also not easy at all. "

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