Police Team will wipe downtown Amsterdam

Gepubliceerd op 27 oktober 2016 om 15:54

A special police team consisting of officers and municipal enforcement officers will sweep the center of Amsterdam.


The team is freed to exclusively focus on pickpockets, nepdopedealers and nuisance tourists roaming the Red Light District.

Writes Van der Laan, Mayor of the City Council. The new team will be formed shortly and will keep running from the police station Nieuwmarkt. The decision follows several alarm signals from the police, the Ombudsman and downtown residents who warned that the government risked losing the control in the crowded center.

During a round of enforcement in recent weeks the police had already announced it had arrested a total of 293 people. Several dozen of these little criminals, dealers and thieves had an exclusion for the Red Light District. The new police team should ensure that these types permanently disappear. "Residents and business owners should therefore immediately notice in the city that public space is reconquered by pickpockets, nepdopedealers and extreme nuisance by tourists," says Van der Laan.

The Telegraph Editors: Photo: Peter Schoonen

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