Former police chief Bouman examined in moneyrel

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New research should determine whether former police chief Gerard Bouman has dirty hands in geldsmijtrel around the central council among the police. Insiders say that this newspaper. Bouman possible the CWC fêteerde so decide by pressing.


The current chief of the National Police, Erik pole, next week will present the results of an exploratory study spree by the COR. This shows that there are "significant irregularities" were discovered in the expenditure of the council.

Also, there was a structural lack of control. COR-chairman Frank Giltay sold under more suits on behalf of the police. He also made a jaunt to Curaçao and he organized a dinner at the expensive Amstel Hotel. A large part of the expenditure is 'inefficient'.

Further research
The strong expectation is that pole announces that there will be one or more follow-up studies. That further research is about the circumstances under which Giltay - virtually unlimited - could wave his police card. The new research is a central role for former chief constable Bouman. The March stepped up police boss was responsible for the expenses of the CWC and approved the well.

He also gave the council with a disproportionate budget of 1.6 million euros per year. In police circles suggests that Bouman the CWC with the mega-budget 'bribed' so tough decision press. His unpopular decisions taken during the reorganization of the National Police, which could be put through the adoption of the COR. Some of those decisions would by Bouman and Giltay during dinners are settled.

The current Chief Constable pole did earlier this month declaration against Giltay for forgery, fraud and embezzlement. The former chairman of the CWC is charged that he threw money in times of major cuts to the police. Gerard Bouman was unavailable for comment yesterday.

Old-COR chairman Giltay not declare dinners at restaurants in his hometown of Almere. He also did business with a fellow entrepreneur and were made questionable cash shots with his police card. In addition to a criminal investigation there is a disciplinary investigation against Giltay and his secretary.

The lawyer says Giltay still have not heard anything about the investigations. ,, We have media must learn that pole has reported "Within the police the call will be stronger for the entire COR -. More than 30 members -. Also, replace pole would want, so that we can with a clean slate started. ,, rightly or not, 65,000 police officers see all COR members as grabbers, "says an insider.

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