Four years in prison for attackers mosque

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ALMELO - Five men from Enschede on Thursday sentenced to jail for four years for throwing Molotov cocktails at a mosque in Enschede. That determined the court in Almelo Thursday

Judge: "This was a terrorist act '


The judge ruled that the men had "terrorist intent". They wanted to force the municipality of Enschede and the Muslim community terrifying to ensure that no asylum center would be in that city. At the time of the attack were in Enschede fierce protests against the arrival of an asylum seekers' center.

The five men (between 24 and 36 years) in February this year threw two Molotov cocktails against a wall of the mosque. Which bounced off, so the damage was limited to a scorched lawn. Since, however, at that time in prayer house were about 30 people, including many children, Justice tilt heavily to the cause. Some attendees extinguished the flaming Molotov cocktails. Several witnesses saw the men.

The punishment is one year probation in the case of four men. For the fifth man, the only one to blame is known and has expressed regret, there is a conditional part of two years.The penalties are consistent with the requirements of the Public Prosecutor. Three of the convicts have already announced that they will appeal.

National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (NCTV) Dick Schoof responds to the discretion of the judge: ,, The statement shows that politically motivated violence will not be tolerated in the Netherlands. Regardless of the ideological motivation. '

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