Kidnapped toddler Insiya (2) is in India

Gepubliceerd op 28 oktober 2016 om 10:20

The 2-year-old Insiya Hemani is taken to India by her father. Shehzad Hemani kidnapped his daughter with brute force last month in Amsterdam and is now on in the city of Mumbai. That has the associated press discovered.



Late last month (29 September) Insiya was kidnapped by henchmen of Hemani from Amsterdam. For a long time the toddler was missing, but now it is clear that she is in Mumbai. Crime reporter John van den Heuvel went to Mumbai to see how it goes with the girl.

The fact is, in any case Hemani father is not particularly busy with his daughter. The sought kidnapper would be especially busy with shopping, lunch and visits to his bank. In an upscale business district, he would also have had a meeting with the famous lawyer Gerard Spong.


According to witnesses Insiya is kept hidden in the apartment of the mother of Hemani. The girl is seen and heard by the witnesses.

Now it is clear where Insiya is, it should not be difficult to pick her up. However, the Indian authorities do not attend to the kidnapping, despite an international warrant. The Amsterdam recherche rogatory would have done justice in India, but without any response.

By Editors Metro News Photo: Police Amsterdam.

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