Romano der Dussen: This should not happen again

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Romano van der Dussen twelve years was long innocently stuck in Spain. Now he is finally free, he wants to prevent such a thing ever happen to anyone.


Dressed in a swimsuit and running in slippers Romano van der Dussen is on 2 September 2003 in the streets of the Spanish Fuengirola arrested by the Policía Nacional. The then 32-year-old Dutchman is suspected of two assaults and rape in a small town away. Romano knows nothing, but that is not believed.

Prove that Van der Dussen has ignored and unheard witnesses not. On February 11, 2016 they let him go at last. Romano then thick innocent twelve stuck. In the book Twelve years innocent in jail: my Spanish nightmare he describes (penned by author Edwin Stores) how it can be in heaven has so far.

Romano, who are you now, almost nine months after your release, the most angry?

In Spain. They knew from the outset that I was innocent. That became clear from the video footage from the street where the women are assaulted, because I was not on, but they never questioned and were DNA proved my innocence lost my witnesses. I should never have been convicted. But I Netherlands also complains a lot.

Spain demanding a compensation of 6.3 million euros. And the Netherlands?

I would like to see me Netherlands also helps to purify my name. And also that they take action to prevent others who are stuck in neighboring European countries is what happened to me. It was terrible. What I experienced, do not your worst enemy gun. That's what I said to Mr Koenders of Foreign Affairs.

Do you see a role for yourself in it?

During my captivity I have often thought about to start a foundation that can offer people real help in my situation. I would like to soon use part of my compensation to make it happen.This should happen no more.

You sometimes hear that people who have been can be difficult only hose. Do you recognize that?

I'd rather sleep with my girlfriend; I'm honest. When I'm alone, I'll be hard to sleep. I have also since I'm pretty nightmares. I relive things from there in my subconscious, wake up and bite sweaty than for air. I certainly traumas kept from all those years before, get help now happy. Also, I meditate a lot.

Do you really have to get used to life in the year 2016?

My cell phone I know now by heart. I was fifteen years ago just calling, and now I can email and everything. That is really an improvement. Little by little I'm wiser.

Where you had the most pull in when you got out?

All these years I've eaten those dirty homemade prutjes. Mash-of relics, salads with dead cockroaches. You filed a complaint then they said, in Thailand it is a delicacy. So when I got out, I was in the mood for a steak. And yesterday I ate again roll frikadel after fifteen years, great!

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