Parent Contributions Amsterdam schools 'skyrocketing'

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Primary schools in Amsterdam ask average parental contribution 112 euros, 263 euros high schools and some schools even ask 2000 euros. According to research by SP Amsterdam. "This seems very unwise," said SP councilor Erik Flentge. "Only children with rich parents than to that school."


In recent months did Flentge research into the 'voluntary' contribution. "All the schools we have checked 216 primary schools and 72 secondary schools." According Flentge's own contribution in addition not so voluntary. "Sometimes parents are put under pressure or sent reminders." In the worst case, a school a child would even exclude from the activity.

Can not less?

Amina Bakhlakh from Amsterdam is a mother of four children and can have a say about it.Last year, Amina could not possibly pay its own contribution. "I really did not come around."Eventually, the school principal has only condoned.

Her other child consumes loads of money: in the ninth grade year, she had to give 400 euros to pay the contribution, plus the purchase of an iPad. "This is a lot of money for me, I think that kind amounts to:. It can not be a little less?" Amina has not wide, they must make do with welfare.


Research by the SP Amsterdam show that high parental contribution often. "The cost sometimes skyrocketing," said Flentge. Parents with limited financial resources can receive an allowance for those high tuition, up to 499 euros. But that is not familiar to everyone, and in too many cases too little, find Flentge.

"The voluntary parental contribution should not be an obstacle for parents to choose a school for their child." Therefore asked the Councillor Thursday evening at the Amsterdam alderman to a maximum amount.

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