Tomb of Jesus opened for the first time in centuries

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For the first time in centuries, the mysterious tomb is uncovered where according to tradition Jesus Christ was buried after his crucifixion. It was thought that there was nothing left of it, but the restoration of the church that was built on top of the ancient walled city of Jerusalem, discovered the opposite.


The Holy Sepulcher, such as the tomb is also known, has been at least since 1555 no longer opened. The place has been rebuilt four times, the last time after a fire in 1810. ,, We have withdrawn the marble covering the tomb, and we were surprised by the amount of filler material underneath, "Fredrik Hiebert, an archaeologist tells the National Geographic Society, a partner in the project.

He continues: ,, It will be a long scientific analysis, but we will eventually be able to see the original rock surface where the body of Christ would be put down after his crucifixion get to see. "

The tomb is restored by Greek specialists from the Technical University in Athens, an operation which fetches nearly 4 million. The restoration is the perfect opportunity for scientists to study the holiest Christian monument. ,, The Greeks are the first that we know of, who will open the tomb actually, "says Hiebert scientist at National Geographic . ,, It is quite exceptional."

A total of fifty experts look into the tomb. They work mainly at night to give pilgrims daytime opportunity to visit the Holy Sepulchre.

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