No more money for mediation in criminal cases

Gepubliceerd op 28 oktober 2016 om 12:31

Experiments with mediation between victim and accused in criminal cases have no sequel.


The Ministry of Security and Justice put the financing of pilot projects by November 1 stop, the Council reports to the Judiciary Friday.

With the so-called mediation is long experimented three years. In the courts in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, North Holland, Oost-Brabant and Zeeland West Brabant was possible criminal proceedings by referring to the mediator, the mediator.

Judges are stopping mediation disappointing. ,, They are positive about their experiences with the use of mediation and advocate this valuable tool to deploy across the country, "the Council for the Judiciary.

Since the beginning of the pilots in 2014 were referred to the 2000 criminal cases to the mediator.

The Telegraph Editors: Photo: Dutch Height

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