Rutte is looking with intense call solution Ukraine Treaty

Gepubliceerd op 28 oktober 2016 om 15:26

Prime Minister Mark Rutte has done an intense final appeal to the opposition to work together to find a solution on the 'no' in the referendum Ukraine. If not, we risk instability on Europe's borders and divisions in joint action against Russia, he warns.


Association Agreement
So should specify among other things that the Association Agreement is no step to EU membership for Ukraine. Rutte says that its European partners are there only to organize as Rutte can guarantee, in turn, supported by the Dutch parliament. His government, however, lacks sufficient support in the Senate and opposition parties are not yet ready to support Rutte. If it continues to rest according Rutte nothing but present a repeal of the rooms, making the association agreement is killed.

,, Unity in Europe is crucial. For this I need a majority and I simply can not. I want to get happy soul, "said Rutte Rutte admittedly declined to comment on the attitude of opposition parties -." I did not want to roepen'- tough things but appointed the possible consequences.

So he put a link with the attack on the Syrian city of Aleppo, where people are bombarded Currently vacuum bombs. Wants to stop this violence, then European consensus against the Syrian government and its ally Russia necessary Rutte said.

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