Director tamper-sperm bank Bijdorp indicted

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Parents and children drag donor former director Jan Karbaat of sperm bank Bijdorp court. They hold him responsible for the shoddy donor data and semen in Barendrecht clinic. Since the abuses have come to light, there is much disquiet and uncertainty within families.


The eleven parents and two children blame Karbaat act carelessly. The Foundation Donor Child and Defence for Children, which initiate a civil action with them, saying that Karbaat erred in law on parentage information from children.

It is the first time that donor families in the Netherlands to start a joint action against a sperm clinic for children's rights violation. Some donor children come out now that they are not full brother or sister, despite the promise they would be from the same donor.

They also want to clarify the suspicions that Karbaat has donated his own sperm. The former director recently told this newspaper wanting to give no DNA. The organizations will, if necessary, to force the judge Karbaat requests for a DNA test.

Bijdorp Medical Center, which closed its doors in charge of the inspection in 2009 also mixed seed of different donors. The information in donor descriptions often knocked out, and the screening of donors of semen storage and records were a mess.

Moreover Bijdorp exceeded the agreed limit of six children per donor. A half-Surinamese donor was, it turns out, even more than 25 donor children, the number used by the profession of fertility doctors as maximum.

,, It is unacceptable that in the Netherlands so deal with people's lives, '' said Ties van der Meer, chairman of Foundation Donor Child. ,, As a donor child is already a lot of misunderstanding about your family situation. '

In two previous lawsuits from parents against MC Bijdorp and Karbaat is a settlement. In at least one other case, he was sentenced to pay compensation. ,, But I've never seen a penny, '' said Lian Peeters (62), in 2004 the case against Karbaat after a lengthy procedure decade won in the Court of Appeal.

Peeters had semen from a private donor storage services at Bijdorp. When she two years after the birth of her first child for a second pregnancy went with her regular half-Indonesian donor turned his sperm 'search'.

There, in three stages, they found out when they 'portions' picked in Barendrecht. The straws with donor semen in the first two portions were transparent and provided with its name. The third portion was in dark blue straws with the name of its donor.

So Peeters discovered that portions were changed and that it had recovered sperm from another donor. ,, The sperm of my major donor was supposedly lost, but I suspect that he used it at other women. ''

Insemination attempts failed. ,, But I am at least one year inseminated with semen from I do not know who. With my donor I was pregnant right away, but I wasted my fertile period of time in the second time with semen did not have the good quality. I take Karbaat strongly resented. ''

Defence for Children believes that Karbaat and the Dutch government must take responsibility for the children involved. The UN has established by treaty that every child has the right to know who his parents are.

Research by the Health Inspectorate shows that the data are not reliable in the administration of Karbaat. Many donor children Bijdorp invoke the FIOM Database to find out through a DNA test who their donor father.

'No worries'
Karbaat do not respond. Last month, he denied all the allegations in this newspaper. His prostate was removed long ago, so he can not donate sperm, said the former president. He was not worried about a lawsuit.

,, Justice saw previously no reason for criminal prosecution. I've never done bad things intentionally. It is a small group of frustrated mothers who are dissatisfied with the result. I got it handled, stand above it and laugh at each complaint. ''

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