Further increasing retirement age 'ridiculous'

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Due to rising life expectancy, the retirement age in 2022 for three months and thus comes up at 67 years and three months. The unions see nothing and like it does not continue.


,, The acceleration of the increase in the state pension was unacceptable. This increase is really ridiculous, '' the FNV responding. ,, The pace at which the state pension age is rising, it really can not, '' said the CNV.

The increase applies to those born after 1954. In 2012, it was agreed that the retirement age goes up automatically as life expectancy rises. It is the basic rule that receive an average of eighteen years older AOW.

It is the first time that the automatic increase is applied. In 2012, politicians decided to raise the retirement age gradually from 65 to 67 years.


The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment says that may be an interim assistance under certain conditions for those who could not prepare for further increase. This concerns people with low incomes who already participate in early retirement or early retirement.

The FNV expects further increase only leads to more older unemployed and expects a new government reverses so. ,, We are already seeing plenty of people who have to go to the finish line on their knees. People can not just suddenly longer working because CBS figures say that. ''

The CNV states: ,, First, make sure that older people can return to work and that can make healthy until the retirement age. '

PVV and 50PLUS want to roll back the increase. But that costs according to the Central Planning much money. The retirement age drop to 65 years would cost 12 billion euros. The PvdA wants a flexible retirement in which you can put on your 65th again at a discount, state in its election manifesto.

Government Platform Wiser in money matters today found that little Dutch well aware of the shift in retirement age. Research among 1038 Dutch people aged 22 to 66 years showed that more than three out of five such time as they receive state pension will judge too early.Among young people may apply to almost 90 percent of respondents.

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