PvdA: Take away barriers to flow high school students 1 Nov 2016 11:29

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The Labour Party believes that all high school students, regardless of their average grade, must have the right to move on to a higher school level. Now that changes, for example, secondary school to pre-university still subject to all kinds of rules.


These must all disappear, says Labour MP Joyce Vermue tomorrow in the treatment of the education budget. ,, Now schools talk among themselves an entrance code. The figure average should then be at least 6.8. We want to get rid of all the barriers that are raised after obtaining a diploma. "Also Vermue want students before, in the third or fourth grade, a step can put up.

The government announced yesterday to make it to work on the transition from VMBO to secondary school, but will still draw for this criteria. According to Minister Jet Bussemaker and Sander Dekker Secretary of Education, who presented yesterday a plan for equal opportunities in education, it is necessary to prevent students from falling if it proves too difficult.

According Vermue let alone school children through streams 100 percent certain to succeed at the higher level. ,, Schools are too afraid of their performance data. If a student attempts the higher and it does not reach, reflects negatively on the school. "Therefore, the Social Democrats want the inspectorate a school not only settles on figures and success and delinquency rates, but also look at the equalization of opportunities.

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